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Isle of dogs - Canary Wharf Childcare Provision

Afterschool, once all the children have been collected its registration time. During this time the children are provided with fruit and juice.


They are then placed into groups according to their ages and go off with their play leaders to do activities.


Activities range from cake baking, arts and crafts, computers, dancing, movie time and a variety of sports. Each activity  lasts about 20 minutes then rotates to a different activity.


At 5pm all children are provided with a hot meal (Free of charge)


After diner they go back to their activities until parent/carer collect them.


Children must be collected no later than 6.15pm at the Carpenters and Dockland Centre in Stratford.


Parents can book their children in for one day or up to 5 days per week.


Bookings can be made at: https://carpenter-and-dockland-centre.childcare-online-booking.co.uk/



If you would like any more information then please call Samantha at Head Office.